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Energy Savings Agreements




SS Services provides Preventive Maintenance Agreements for the following:  chillers, RTUs, computer room units, fan coils, water source heat pumps, condensers, VAVs, boilers, and cooling towers.  Preventive Maintenance Agreements are customized per job, according to building structure and equipment quantity and size.






SS Services provides Preventive Maintenance visits for residential units.  Services are provided on an annual basis and are paid for at the time of purchase.    


Spring Service includes:


-Inspect thermostat


-Inspect temperature drop


-Chemically clean condenser coil


-Inspect and adjust air flow


-Inspect all electrical connections


-Inspect amp and

 volt draw on motors


-Inspect refrigerant charge


-Lubricate moving parts


-Inspect condensate drain


-Inspect all capacitors


-Look for refrigerant leaks


-Inspect contactor


-Inspect compressor terminals


-Inspect disconnect power box


-Inspect power breaker


-Inspect evaporator coil

 when accessible


-Test cycle for proper operation

Fall Service includes:


-Inspect heat exchanger


-Inspect temperature rise


-Inspect fan control


-Inspect furnace safety controls


-Inspect for gas leaks


-Inspect gas valve operation


-Inspect ignition system


-Inspect electrical connections


-Inspect gas pressure


-Lubricate all moving parts


-Inspect back up heat elements


-Inspect sequencer operation


-Inspect volt and amp draw

 on motors


-Inspect all circuit breakers


-Inspect oil filter


-Inspect reversing valve operation


-Inspect defrost control


-Inspect oil nozzle


-Test cycle for proper operation